Litter 2011 - Evolution

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  Esquisse de la Mer de Marmara and Estoc de l'Arc de lune are very happy to present you their 4 kittens born on August 22nd, 2011.

Some unexpected news as cheeky Estoc managed to escape our attention to join his beloved Esquisse for a moment of romance.
As a result of this hidden love, four little jewels were born yesterday.
The pregnant mummy was taken great care of, and is now doing fine. She has got plenty of milk to offer to her chubby little babies. 

  • "Grain de Sable", male, Brown Mackerel Tabby:  Adopted
  • "Grain de Folie", female, Black:                           Adopted
  • "Grain de Malice", female, Blue Tabby & white:   Reserved
  • "Grain de Beauté", female, Blue Tortie (Tabby ?) & white: Available

 (Thank you Alexina for the idea !)


Twelve weeks:


"Grain de Sable"  (adopted)

"Grain de Folie" (adopted)


"Grain de Malice" (reserved)

"Grain de Beauté" (available)


Eleven weeks :

"Grain de Sable"  (reserved)

"Grain de Folie" (available)


"Grain de Malice" (reserved)

"Grain de Beauté" (available)


Ten weeks :

"Grain de Sable"  (reserved)

"Grain de Folie" (available)


"Grain de Malice" (available)

"Grain de Beauté" (available)



Nine weeks :


"Grain de Sable",

"Grain de Folie",


"Grain de Malice",

"Grain de Beauté",



Eight weeks :









"Grain de Sable", 1kg103

"Grain de Folie", 1kg048


"Grain de Malice", 1kg025g

"Grain de Beauté", 948g



Seven weeks :

"Grain de Sable", 954g

"Grain de Folie", 922g


"Grain de Malice", 844g

"Grain de Beauté", 821g



Six weeks :

"Grain de Sable", 811g

"Grain de Folie", 790g


"Grain de Malice", 720g

"Grain de Beauté", 703g



Five weeks :

"Grain de Sable", 665g

"Grain de Folie", 632g


"Grain de Malice", 613g

"Grain de Beauté", 550g


Four Weeks :

"Grain de Sable", 548g

"Grain de Folie", 506g


"Grain de Malice", 512g

"Grain de Beauté", 449g


Three weeks :

"Grain de Sable"

"Grain de Folie"


"Grain de Malice"

"Grain de Beauté"


Two weeks:

"Grain de Sable"

"Grain de Folie"


"Grain de Malice",

"Grain de Beauté"



One week :

"Grain de Sable", 237g

"Grain de Folie", 211g


"Grain de Malice", 227g

"Grain de Beauté",212g


5th day :

" Graine de Sable", Brown Mackerel Tabby Male

"Grain de Folie", Black Female

"Grain de Malice", Blue Tabby & white Female "Grains de Beauté", Blue Tortie (tabby ?) & white Female


Just born :

Brown Mackerel Tabby male, 115g

Black girl, 107g


Blue tabby & white girl, 111g

Blue tortie (tabby?) & white girl, 103g
















   Esquisse de la Mer de Marmara and Estoc de l'Arc de lune are very happy to present you their 4 kittens born on March 31st, 2011:

  • Galice, female, Black Tortie Tabby & White :     Adopted
  • Galway, male, Brown Tabby & White :              Adopted
  • Garfunkel, male, Red Point   :                       Adopted
  • Gauguin, male, Seal/Blue ? Tabby Point & White : Reserved


Eleven Weeks :



Ten weeks :

Galway, 1,340kg
Garfunkel, 1,288kg
Gauguin, 1,231kg


Nine weeks :

Galice, 1,025kg
Galway, 1,253kg
Garfunkel, 1,170kg
Gauguin, 1,147kg


Eight weeks :

Galice, 960g
Galway, 1,122kg
Garfunkel, 1,053kg
Gauguin, 1,031kg


Seven weeks :

alt alt
Galice, 808g
Galway, 962g
alt alt
Garfunkel, 904g
Gauguin, 884g


Six weeks:



Five weeks :
Les petits continuent de téter mais se régalent aussi de croquettes. Ce sont maintenant des chatons turbulents mais très câlins.

Galice, 592g
Galway, 665g
Garfunkel, 611g
Gauguin, 627g


Four weeks : 

alt alt
Galice, 478g
Galway, 570g
alt alt
Garfunkel, 478g
Gauguin, 514g


Three weeks :

alt alt
Galice, 406g
alt alt
Garfunkel, 402g
Gauguin, 445g


Two weeks :

alt alt
Galice, 324g

Galway, 384g

alt alt
Garfunkel, 327g Gauguin, 374g

First week :

alt alt
"Galice", Female Tortie Tabby & White, 224g
 "Galway", Male, Brown Tabby & White, 263g
alt alt
 "Garfunkel", Male CP (Red/Cream point ?), 225g
 "Gauguin", Male Blue tabby point & white, 258g

Second day :

alt alt
Tortie tabby & white  Brown tabby & white
 alt  alt
 CP 1
 CP 2

Just born :

alt alt
Female, Black Tortie tabby & white, 114g Male, Brown Tabby & white, 131g !
alt alt
 Male 1, Colourpoint, 114g  Male 2 Colourpoint, 142g !!


Esquisse gave birth to 4 beautiful kittens today March the 31st !
The delivery went perfectly well. Mum and babies are doing fine.