23 February 2015 :



1 January 2015 :



1 November 2014 :


5 April 2014 :

  • 8 adorable kittens were born ! The deliveries went well and everybody is doing fine :-)


15 March 2014 :

  • Kittens are expected for the beginning of April !  here



1 January 2014 :


24 August 2013 :

  • Very good news from the kittens that were adopted this year - they are all living with nice families - the "crazy about cats" kind :)
  • The next litter is expected for 2014. The future Mum will probably be Isba or Infinie. The future Dad hasn't been designated yet...


24 June 2013 :

  • All the kittens have joined their new families, except Isba and Infinie who are staying at home to perpetuate the lineage.


15 March 2013 :

  • Esquisse and Gainsbourg's kittens were born ! Everything went well, Mum and her 5 babies are doing fine.


6 February 2013 :

  • Felie and Gainsbourg's kittens were born ! Sadly, 2 babies didn't survive the first days : their autopsy revealed an anomaly of the bladder. The 4 others are now a week old and are doing fine. Felie is a very present and attentive mother.


15 February 2013 :

  • Gainsbourg has made up for lost time : Esquisse is also going to be a mum ! The kittens are expected at the beginning of March.


26 January 2013 :

  • Felie and Gainsbourg are expecting their first litter at the end of February / beginning of March. Felie is getting nicely round, eats and sleeps a lot, and has already started searching for a cosy spot to make her nest.



21 Décembre 2012 :

  • Winter solstice ! Cool, from now on the days will get longer : spring is on the way and so are the damsels' heats ! 


18 November 2012 :

  • The cats are peacefully hibernating by the stove...


7 September 2012 :

  • Nothing new. We're still waiting for Esquisse and Gainsbourg to set off their descendants... :-)


17 May 2012 :

  • The little tribe is doing fine. The food weaning went well. The kittens are keenly eating their dry food and Mum-Félie can enjoy a rest. There is still the occasional suckling-snuggling going on, but it doesn't last long - the kittens have sharp little teeth ! Félie is putting up some tough education : bites and paw slaps get the cheeky gang back on the right track !


22 April 2012 :

  • The kittens are 3 weeks old and are growing as fast as mushrooms. They climb out of the nest now and have fun wrestling. Mum-Félie allows herself a few strolls out of the nursery. The babies' food weaning will begin in ten days. Time flies !


7 April 2012 :

  • The kittens are one week old. Everyone in the family is fine. The very first days were a bit tense as Félie-Mum hardly ate anything and the babies were slow to fatten. We were also worried when Félie unintentionally bit her daughter's tail. The small wound has nicely healed and is now invisible - just a bad memory. Everything is back to normal, Félie is eating well again, the weight curves are good and the babies' eyes are starting to open !


30 March 2012 :

  • The babies of Félie de la Nuit des Temps and Geek de la Perle d'Antalya were born yesterday evening !
    5 very chubby kittens, one female and 4 males. Mummy and the babies are fine.


12 March 2012 :

  • The young Gainsbourg is now completely at home. Our little Yorkshire dog is his best friend. He has met the other cats of the house, who are gradually getting used to him.
  • Félie's kittens aren't expected to show up before 3 weeks. Mummy has put on a lot of weight : big litter or litter of sturdy babies? Wait and see...


28 February 2012 :

  • Félie is half way through her gestation, everything is normal.
  • We are thrilled to have a newcomer here at the cattery: a lovely little male cat: Gainsbourg de Sehzade! Come and discover him here.


15 February 2012 :

  • If everything goes well, Félie will be a Mum at the beginning of April 2012.




20 December 2011 :

  • Esquisse and Estoc's 4 kittens have found their new families. Mummy is enjoying a well-deserved rest! The next litter will be Félie's, in Spring 2012, if Nature agrees.


1 May 2011 :

  • The kittens are in their 5th week. The little teeth have grown and Mummy-cat is shortening the feeds. They now have a regular taste of solid food. New pictures are in the Album.

27 April 2011 :

  • The 4 kittens are growing well. New pictures are in the Album.

16 April 2011 :

  • The family is fine. The kittens now have names, play fighting, come up to us when we call them - almost "grown-ups"! As for Mummy-cat, she now allows herself to take more frequent strolls.

10 April 2011

  • The kittens are 10 days old and their eyes are beginning to open. Both Colourpoints' colours are appearing: seal or blue for one, red or cream point for the other. Maybe with white. They are still thoroughly enjoying their mum's milk and are round as balloons!

4 April 2011 :

  • The kittens are 4 days old and are growing well. They have all put on between 65 and 84 grams, and two of them already weigh over 200 grams!

31 March 2011 :

    • Esquisse and Estoc's litter is born. Everything went very well. The 4 chubby kittens and their mum are doing fine.
    • Félie was allowed to have a peep at the nest : big sister was stunned and a little awed!
    • As for Estoc, he's still very scared of his own kittens :-)

27 March 2011 :

  • The new website is online, it's a lot easier for me to handle than the old one. There's no change in style, only the structure and content have evolved.
  • Esquisse should deliver this week - the nursery is ready for the future mummy and her kittens.
  • Félie is in heat for the first time, but I haven't found a fiancé for her yet - and anyway, priority goes to her mum's litter!
  • Estoc has therefore settled in his Spring quarters, far from the girls who make his head spin.